At first

How do you do.
It is a smile to heart pure art healer pond Chieko.

"I want to change it, no change."
"Can't live like me."

No, they transform.
You can live and be yourself.

I don't know what you want is
Good on this? And not satisfied with my life
Job discontent while(Housewife)Are you
You want to escape from disease of the mind
I don't like the
Not confident
Not to say people
Feel stressed.
Not worth living
Every day is not fun
Be yourself and you want to
I want to change

Here is the website for you have such a desire.


Childhood was educated under the strict parents, feel the love while more freely I would want to be while growing up.

Come to think about meaning to bud rebel conflict resolution for parents at school, whereas they were born and death.

Then joined the apparel company, women's apparel sales.
Efforts are evaluated, we promoted well and distracted from around only to gradually you will lose sight of womanhood.
And severe depression during the 24-year-old.(うつ)Become a disease.

Depression(うつ)Despite suffering with the disease aims to reintegrate into society, a struggling life.

Noticing that in experience between various positions, I take pleasure in that we help women happy.
Depression, stopped suddenly when I was 8 years, beauty salon "hair punished cherry 1000 road" in the fatefulDiscover this Masayoshi Okamoto and pure of heart.

The happiness of life, freed from the suffering had long suffered from heart pure art and met to experience firsthand.

Feel the mission discovered the healing ability, saved his mind pure art alone letting as many people and now working as a healer.

His depression.(うつ)Suggest that overcoming the disease experience by healing depression(うつ)And that specializes in improving the sickness.
In addition, depression.(うつ)Thick trust from heart disease and other illnesses.

There's also 4/1/2012. Located in Kita-Koshigaya in Saitama Prefecture "hair by Cherry 1000 road" on the second floor"LaCoon healing space.Open and as Manager and practitionerNail massage, beauty, healing and reading all the menu provides oneYou have.

Many have to provide something that fits in front of your State care, and proposes a design or color nail in place listening to the talk,"Easy up, easy-to-consult"The reasons for their popularity.

Treatment manual developed for massage practitioner, not a great state of mind of the day and your body is very pleasing.

Who that person will be bright shine back, have confidence, and, in the nature of live That axis to that activity.

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