But you want to change, no change, that we solve problems.
Sending the fulfilling life heart pure art.
Also effective for heart disease.


Pure of heart (Shin joujutsu) is a healer of Chieko.
Today's Oracle card reading. Deliver the message from the Angel and goddess.

Just by changing the way how to spend the day and dealing with things, consciousness, such as the big get even better life.

On Monday we reported a week theme is daily required for the message.

Your life is up to you whether to even be is.
Giving tips and messages to your cards and reading.
Please accept the message.
I'm sure there should be things come with inspirational words, PIN, now suffering or lost or, in my head, meaning now you are looking at here.

"Now" is the necessary messages and advice cards who's


Now State:
-If you believe-

So far, [faith] is what you need.
You can get what you want, but do not believe the possibilities!
Only positive, desired outcome visual image of yourself.
Feelings of negativity and pessimism is all in the next, turning to greener pastures.

Expect and will receive the law of attraction is bringing.
Attract happiness that deserves to get cool stuff I have is.
To meet its energy very suspect if caught, self-worth, unbelievable experience.
You must own and dreams!

Awareness and activities:
"MARY MAGDALENE Mary-Magdalene"
-Unconditional love-

Love may seem real and people around you, and all of

Message from Mary Magdalene:
Losing composure if I is not a person many people think and to explain to himself, and will be discouraged.
I'm with God, just like you.
And here is where I belong.
Bickering and evacuation, and confusion is what happens at a lower level.
I am watching from the Supreme love-filled, high awareness level.
That is best done in this place and then just like you come here I sincerely hope that it is.
This is the real place where the presence of consciousness.
Please focus on the goodness of people.
And also another way, only just visible of all things transcendent.

Does not like to be told how and who do you think will be-this situation bring love and healing, sending love to those who have hurt you, wrong decisions and that has kept about Forgive yourself worry and to step forward to inexcusable feelings for people to let go, heal yourself




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