But you want to change, no change, that we solve problems.
Sending the fulfilling life heart pure art.
Also effective for heart disease.

2017July 25, (Tuesday) & 7/29()Announcement of healing experience

2017July 25, (Tuesday) & 7/29()Announcement of healing experience

Hi, this is mind pure art bring a smile healer pond Chieko.

Experience of healing in my own life and the world has changed, to be happy.

In a peaceful meeting of the small, relaxed sound of pure water, can experience the healing, one person at a time.
Core knowledge help you know the areas where you can enjoy popular seminar events!

Okamoto mind pure art founder is "want to gravitate to ' great public art drawn!
It is only the unique essence of attraction packed plenty of the other mind pure art seminars.
Easy to understand, but that for the first time, participate in a spiritual event, carefully
We will tell you!

Also, this event a teaser for your friends and your family and friends who are event free of charge are cordially invited.

Who has previously experienced a healing and can participate who are currently receiving healing event, so look forward sincerely we please!
* Experience healing and note that only seminar participation is currently receiving treatment for healing to be.

"Want want audiences to their" collection to those who ginspi ~!
Do you "want to imagine themselves. "And say,
Imagine what you do!
If think people cannot imagine, me feel attractive.
What kind of person would you look attractive to people?

For instance
-Smile is a lovely person.
And people told Chan their feelings and opinions
And people always enjoy whatever the shining
Caring and warm person
-Reliable or of a person
And the aspirational high man
-People to cherish family
-Straight and honest man

It seems that people like these who have simultaneously the following aspects.

And forgive them and forgive yourself people
People who have a love for everyone
Individuals with high appreciation
And learn from the experience of the past, people now take advantage...... such as

That is common to those who, come out from the inside
It is brilliantly shines a beautiful shine.

So come up any happy attraction and feel attractive?

The attraction is expected to come up down arrow
• Forgive people who can give a chance to yourself and others, will grow, has so much potential.
• Who have a love for everyone, from people from a personal connection to the people, happiness carried come?
• Gratitude is great people who understand pain, it endeared by everybody.
• Who they learn now from the past experience of all and manure, will step up and keep going.

Want you want and you can imagine yourself links that are very important to pull yourself to.
It is from the thing you can imagine anything tend to be realized.

☆ everyone for July events, things become a big first step in you surely want to gravitate.
"Want pull yourself ' and, what could be my 手放setari pain clutching his tight, you can try something new might.
With hearts pure of healers "want their ' or why not draw?

This healing is a healing trauma and the root of the trouble, led to resolve troubles with your heart to heal.
And I want to change the life and I think people want to live and enjoy life more, take a look at your participation.
That everyone can see you look forward very much.

"The attraction so how I can do? "
"Way of life is really possible? "
"Is the difference between heart pure art healing and healing of others? "
"We have a trauma? "

Seminar instructors, mind pure art founder Okada this Masayoshi, wondering what we are aiming, we will respond you politely!
After the seminar is a private one person at a time, will experience the healing
* Ask questions and you want to do if you have any, please feel free to ask,

*• ° ° • *:..:**• ° ° • *:..:**• ° ° • *:..:**• ° ° • *:..:**• ° ° • *:..:**• ° ° • *:..:*

♪ I listened to the radio. You can hear the story directly from the teacher, raw Kokoro he ring with lots of choice, glad.
♪ feel the sound of cool water staterooms is a healing experience, calm, you could ask questions and worries relieved.
♪ airy salon and the very easy. Also the vitality and rich by just watching, I felt happy.
♪ I felt good inside air. Secure felt healing energy.
♪ was 2 time scales from the eyes, in the seminar.
♪ strained staff friendly hoguremashita soon.

?For more event information?

[Date] 7/25 (Tuesday) 7/29 (Saturday)
Office hours: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM

Venue: Okada Masayoshi produced this healing Salon ginspi
8-11-5 specie Bldg. 1F Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyohttp://ginspi.tokyo

[Access]http://ginspi.tokyo/access(Shinbashi, Ginza and Higashi-Ginza STA. 5 min walk)

[TEL] 03-6274-6820

[Amount] usually experience about 10000 yen per → special price ¥ 5000 per
In addition, elite after payment is non-refundable.
Kindly acknowledge your understanding on request.

Please send fill out the inquiry form below your desired date and time. Further, such as bank account information email us.
Click here for our contact form

[Mind pure art founder Okada Masayoshi profile]
Born in Fukui Prefecture. Hairdresser in as a healer of hearts pure art ever have clients across the country and abroad, many people lead happy, Lawler.
Also, have a radio show on FM Yokohama, served as spiritual Division top ranking Kokoro he ring personalities.
Okamoto is what troubles easy message holders, the person who now most needed, we will let you know.
Favorite drinks and delicious food, warm and very humorous, and foodies(Gourmet)But there ^ ^
So far from children to adult alone many happy wishes, has been working as a healer.
Many healers who inherit the Okamoto thought that Okamoto's original, is active.
Also might soon be born as a healer, healer training also has poured power into many refrains ^ ^.

Okamoto's official site is here!

Feelings you want to change and have your edge to look forward to.