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Mind pure art healing menu & price list

-Healing experience

Will take an extant trauma he rings three times.
I'd be judged from experience healing if seeking 20 times this session so you can feel a little variation in healing the mind pure art, but emotionally, anxiety or even better.
May change! And feel the possibility of your own with subtle variations.

-Recent trauma he ring

Burstrom, is to eliminate the negative energies of the inner child "trauma" "healing".

Burstrom, inner child, you forget emotional wounds remain deep, creates a reality not think in various aspects, such as human relationships, money, work.
Changes to harmonize the flow was burstrom and inner resolve, and gushed sense of life will want one "wishes come true" in life, or struggle to overcome life.
And noticed the essence of yourself and yourself begins to live with natural pods charm and talent while you shine.
It is extant trauma he rings to help you relax, dream come true myself, spend a happy life, we have to.

-Past life trauma he ring.

History of the soul of the people is eternal, repeating reincarnation in between heaven and Earth.
Past lives reincarnation on Earth many times in the past, he said.
And past in the world sank to similar experiences, past-life memories will float, joy during the soul, crying during the likes and dislikes can claim.
People get a real improvement as a soul in the past in the painful memories, crimes committed must be remembered, they organize and integration and cleansing.
Past life traumas affect the areas your happiness, relationships, money, work, etc.
Love doesn't always work. It strongly attached to certain people and things. Fear resistance, people, work, money, etc are concerned.
And to eliminate no cause to become aware and not think things are past life trauma had unknowingly limit is coming off of its nature(Your original)The easy to live life.
Can erase the trauma in the now canceled soul finally reclaiming the true brilliance, you eliminate the past life trauma.

* Which is closed by the recent trauma he ring.

-Developing emotional healing

Senses is important in our every day lives on.
Auditory, olfactory, Visual, taste and touch are sharpened. Subconscious mind(Unconscious regions)From myself if what want? What should you do? And easy to understand.
Enhance your ability to sense information that you need in order to live their emotional pull by the heart energy session is.
Emotional development healing is a healing to improve the quality of life, increase a sense of happiness in you live and fully exploit the effects of pure heart.
Also, changes in the rising ability in mind ever noticed the recent trauma he ring, past and trauma he rings feel corner.

* Recent trauma he rings are for past life trauma he ring is closed.

Menu & price list.

-Meditation training

Meditation is anyone please feel free to start at home.
However, you may have some effects of meditation, not talked about too much or get too much effects started without knowing what meditation is the best for you right now?.
To avoid such an outcome, presenting the best meditation for you to safely obtain maximum benefit conducts meditation training.
renri is called Apple's founder, Steve jobs, such as Microsoft's Bill Gates, the Chairman of Kyocera Inamori Kazuo and Suzuki to the top and out of decent people who practice meditation daily.
It is recommended to you and you want to change the life, wants to change.

Effects of meditation

Great effect by the different effects of meditation, most people feel is as follows.

-Strengthens the heart and will be difficult to feel the stress
-Easy to relax the mind and body
-Easily organize your in my head
-Increases the effect of attraction
-Improves concentration and increases intuition
-Be prone to synchronicity
-Relationships becomes good
-Anxiety and less likely to worry about
-Effective health promotion and disease prevention